STMS Group Ltd
A collective of music enthusiasts!

We build music related projects to help and support the music scene.

What we do

The STMS Group Ltd has several projects running and a number of others to be announced very soon. The group is run by a collective of music enthusiasts wanting to make a difference to the music scene. In 2020 Music Super Market was launched to help bands during lockdown get 100% of the money for their merch and music. 

In August 2021 the team launched a new music app followed by a music festival for 2022 and soon launching band label services and a very cool print shop too.

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The STMS Projects


A free music related app with 12 month gig guide, latest music video releases, news from the music world and top radio stations to boot.

Music Super Market

Built during the Covid-19 pandemic to help support artists earn more money from their merch and music sales with 100% going directly to them.

STMS Festival

2022 will see the first ever STMS Music & Beer Festival in Worcestershire August 5-7th with a whole host of new and established acts.

STMS Label Services

More details coming soon regarding the label services.

Red Six Studio

Website design company with an established portfolio of music and non music clients from around the globe.

STMS Print

More details coming soon regarding the print services.